Seattle Estate Planning – Suggestions on Where to Uncover Reliable Consultation

When it comes to estate planning, Seattle and its surrounding communities offer a number of support networks that are either free or specifically for seniors and retired individuals. To find out more about each, keep reading.Senior Rights Assistance of SeattleThe Senior Rights Assistance of Seattle (SRAS) has a great program where they match seniors with retired estate planners, accountants, lawyers and financial advisors to help them with their estate planning and financial goals. To participate in the program, you must first set up an appointment. You can do so by calling 206-448-5720.Their offices are open Monday to Thursday (9:30 am to 3:30 pm). In addition to providing the services mentioned above, they can also help link up seniors with senior-friendly and recommended attorneys, estate planning companies and accountants.The EPC (Estate Planning Council) of SeattleThe Estate Planning Council (EPC) is a national trade association with an active Seattle branch. Their membership is comprised of estate planners, attorneys, financial advisors, trust officers, chartered accountants, funeral directors and insurance brokers. Each of their members is focused on providing sound advice and services related to estate planning, advance directives, wills and more.You can visit the Estate Planning Council of Seattle website online at From there, you can access a full list of their membership alongside piles of free information resources.Understanding Social SecurityThough Social Security benefits are a federal prerogative, it’s still a critical part of planning your estate. You should have a full understanding not only of your own Social Security benefits, but also those of your spouse and what will happen to your benefits when you pass.For help with your Social Security benefits, try contacting the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or online at Their website offers a comprehensive FAQ, various how-to articles and lots of online tools to help you.Legal Aid ClinicsAnother great source of very affordable (free) legal advice regarding estate planning are the 25 community legal aid clinics across Seattle and King County. They are sponsored and run by the King County Bar Association.Attendees of these events are offered 30 minutes of free consultation with a volunteering attorney and can get assistance with questions about their wills or anything related to estate planning matters. People of all income levels and ages are welcome to attend. To book an appointment or for more information, call 206-267-7070.When it comes to estate planning, Seattle offers numerous options and support networks that can help you make wise financial decisions toward the end of your life. These include the legal aid clinics, the local Estate Planning Council, the Senior Rights Assistance group and, of course, the Social Security Administration.

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